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SLO-SYN® Servo & Step Motor and Control Products

Introduction to the Slo-Syn ® Line

Superior Electric is continuously expanding its motion control markets by introducing innovative, state-of-the-art products that go beyond competitive offerings. Superior Electric's Superior SLO-SYN products are designed and manufactured in a modern facility located in Bristol, Connecticut. Superior Electric's Bristol plant employs over 500 people, and has received ISO9001 certification as a Quality Assured firm. Products are available worldwide through an extensive authorized distributor network. Call us at (617) 666-0500 for any inquiry on this product line..

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)System Controllers

Superior SLO-SYN products include several controls with a various levels of features, functionality and price. For a simple, low cost, easy to program step motor control you may want to consider our modular SS2000-PCi Programmable Motion Control. If your application requires a step motor control with a little more programming flexibility, greater I/O capabilities, two axes non-simultaneous motion, or encoder feedback, our best selling SS2000D3i/D6i Programmable Motion Control is the right choice. For the ultimate system controller with up to 8 axes of coordinated motion, BASIC-like programming language, and extensive I/O capabilities the MX2000 System Controller is just what you need.

The MX2000, two axis system controller is also available with an integrated servo amplifier. Available in several servo amplifier power levels, the DCS (Drive Control System) is a entire prepackaged motion control system with powerful capabilities.



WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Operator Interface Panels

Superior SLO-SYN's product line has three operator interface models to choose from. The IWS30-SE, IWS127-SE, and the newest ELTERM24 workstations both come preloaded with BASIC firmware which allows you to create programs that interface to an SS2000-PCi or SS2000D3i/D6i Programmable Motion Control. The IWS120-SE Workstation comes configured as a "dumb terminal" which easily interfaces with an MX2000 or DCS System Controller.

Step Motor Drives

Superior SLO-SYN products offer both modular and packaged step motor drives. Modular drives such as the SS2000MD4, SS2000MD7, SS2000MD4M-O, MD808  ,can be easily integrated into a motion control system design and provide an ideal low cost solution. Our SS2000D6 and SS2000D12 packaged drives contain a built-in power supply and provide high output current capable of driving our larger step motors in a medium to high torque application.

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Step Motors

For years Superior SLO-SYN step motors have been the standard of the industry, providing reliable, accurate positioning in a broad range of applications. Standard motor sizes available include 60mm, 90mm, 110mm & 170mm models. All our step motors feature a 48/50 pitch tooth permanent magnet rotor construction ideal for microstepping, sealed bearings front and rear, and incorporate a UL & CSA recognized insulation system.



WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)High Torque Step Motors       PDF File

Utilizing the latest in design and magnetic technologies, the KM Series High Torque Step Motors produce double the torque of standard step motors. Several standard models in a variety of sizes, torque ranges, and electrical characteristics are available.



WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Servo Motors, Amplifiers & Power Supplies

The Superior SLO-SYN Brushless Servo Motors employ resolver feedback and are precisely matched to our line of Servo Amplifiers. With 70mm, 92mm, 115mm, 142mm & 190mm models to choose from, and torque ratings from 7.44 in-lb to 396 in-lb continuous output torque (up to 834 in-lb peak), you can easily select a servo motor that closely matches your performance requirements. Our 3-phase, sine wave, brushless servo amplifiers present you with a wide range of peak power ratings of 6Amps, 12Amps, 20Amps, 40Amps, 60Amps, 80Amps & 110Amps RMS. These amplifiers incorporate a built-in-microprocessor which implements a patented torque angle control for maximum torque at high speeds.


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